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PERMANENT VACATION is a lifestyle brand of clothing and accessories based on comfort and utility. The brand was created to communicate the belief that vacation is a state of mind rather than a destination and through clean, minimalistic, and bold design elements, every garment produced expresses this philosophy. 

What started in 2016 with a couple of hat designs made for close friends, has grown to a full lifestyle brand deeply rooted in California landscapes, high end rustic modern interior designs, earthy tones with bright pops of color, 90’s Hip Hop and leisure activities such as cottaging, boxing, yachting. The founder, Alex Cronin, scouted long time friends who brought the necessary skills and talents to the brand. Andre Dumouchel, Andrew “Quillie” Mcquillan, Brady Shaw, and Justin Haberman all joined the PERMANENT VACATION™ team to help make it what it is today 

PERMANENT VACATION™ has quickly become a trusted apparel staple to the style-conscious and has continued building its tight-knit community through parties, pop-up shops, and art installations across major cities.