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The Private Island Club is a private membership club powered by Permanent Vacation. The maximum number of members is limited to 4,444 total. Members will have priority access to private events, parties as well as exclusive product offerings from Permanent Vacation brand.

Members will receive the following:

  • 25% OFF Personalized Promo Code on all brand products.
  • Preferred VIP Venue Access: line bypass to partnered venues
  • Private Events
  • Preferred Product Access

Personalized Promo Code

Every member receives a personalized promo code giving access to 25% OFF all brand products.

Preferred VIP Venue Access

Permanent Vacation is proudly partnered with several lounges/restaurants/nightclubs. Members of Private Island Club will enjoy preferred VIP access, line bypass to partnered venues. 

Private Events/Parties

Permanent Vacation will be hosting several private events, parties, and members will be invited through a social discord.

Preferred Product Access

Members will enjoy early access to new product offerings, limited product drops as well as exclusive products available only to Private Island Club members.